Who We Are

BOOKADE – An ARCADE of BOOKS  is a wing of WAY TO SUCCESS PUBLICATIONS which assists Tamil Nadu state board students with its valuable study materials and hand books.

                Way to success is a growing publication in Tamil Nadu and we got our start by selling 10th std English Complete guide in the year 2012 from Trichy. Since then we tripled our inventory each year. Our inventory is over 6,00,000 books under 20 different titles in the year 2016.  The sales extended from Trichy to nearby districts in the successive years and we could reach all the districts of Tamil Nadu by 2015. The production team is also flourished with a team of skillful teachers from various districts of Tamil Nadu. We decentralized the sales team with various co-ordinators for each districts. We discovered that we could give a second life to our books by getting them in the hands of readers easily across the state via online shopping.

                Head Office Address: 

Way to Success Publications,

Plot No.24, Ramamoorthi Nagar,

Old Karur Road, Melachinthamani,

Trichy – 620 002.


                Contact Numbers:

                                For Bulk Orders:  9787609090, 9787201010

                                For Single book orders by VPP:  9787104040

                                For Account related quarries: 9626408080

                                For Grievances: 9626403030


                Websites Maintained by our Team





                Email ID:  way2s100@gmail.com



Administration Panel:


                                Mr.K.Chinnappan, A School Teacher,

                                Andhanallur (Jeeyapuram), Trichy.


                                Mr.R.Karthikeyan, A School Teacher,

                                No.1 Tolgate, Trichy

                Managing Director:

                                Ms. C.Subha Cathrine, Andhanallur, Trichy


General Manager:

                                Mr.A.P.Leo, Trichy,  Cell: 9626403030

                Public Relations Officer:

                                Mr.M.Shanmugam, Trichy, Cell: 9787609090

                Accounts Team:

                                Mrs.Renukadevi,  Mrs.Shakila , Mrs.Krishnaveni (customer quaries)

                Despatch Team:

                                Mr.Sathish, Mr.Mohan, Mr.Prabhahar, Mr.Divakar, Mr.Suvakeen, 

Mr.Shankar, Mr.Munisamy and  Mr.Muthu

                VPP Incharge:

                                Mrs.Sangeetha Shanmugam